Sam Gilbey's distinctive observational illustrations and portraits are painted digitally by hand and are inspired by a lifelong passion for popular culture. This is his Tumblr.

His illustrations have been featured on television and a film's DVD and soundtrack cover, as well as in magazines, books, comics, exhibitions, and a movie test shoot.

Clients include: Aardman, Adidas, Activision, Edgar Wright, Hammer and Tongs, Manga UK, MGM HD, Picturehouse Cinemas, Revolver UK, Playstation, Tiger Aspect Productions, Twitter, Vertigo Films, Virgin Media, Virgin Movies, Wired and Working Title.




The End of Vulcan (for the official Bad Robot art experience at Gallery1988)

UPDATE: The print of this piece is available to buy now!

Following my contribution to their Woody Allen show in January, I’m really pleased to be able to reveal my Star Trek-inspired piece for the Bad Robot show that opens this weekend in LA.

Originally I was thinking of illustrating more characters, but I thought it would be interesting to focus on one aspect of the story, making the whole thing about the destruction of Vulcan, and the relationship between Spock and Uhura that’s revealed as a result. I felt that arranging their kiss around the flames from the drill would make for a striking composition. Hope you like it!

The A3 gicleé will be available in a numbered edition of 10, initially at the show and online afterwards.


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